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Partnering with horses can improve your breadth and depth of communications, such as listening with your eyes or asking questions of yourself that evoke deep inner perspectives of your feelings and actions. Horses add a dimension to human dynamics that can enable you to experience and reflect upon your own behaviors and group behaviors in a memorable way, accelerating everyone’s learning about themselves and each other.

Two miniature horses grooming each other.

Individual experiences in an arena are as unique as any relationship. Horses make the experiences even more unique, because they can receive information from everyone's nonverbal's and biofeedback. This, and the fact that horses are fun to be around, are what make them excellent partners in building relationships!

Expect to experience relationships in new and exciting ways in our workshops from the moment you step into the arena and begin interacting with the horses. We'll be observing both what you're doing and what the horses are doing, and ask questions accordingly to help you recognize how you relate to others.

We're certified through the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A), which trains, certifies, and supports Equine-assisted Learning practitioners.
Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our Building Relationships workshops. Also, consider reading this article by Janis Cooper and William Hancy titled, Horses Are Listening to Us - Are We?, which was published in the AI Practitioner.

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