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Building Relationships

Living and Leading as Your Best Self

Partnering with horses can improve your breadth and depth of communications, such as listening with your eyes or asking questions of yourself that evoke deep inner perspectives of your feelings and actions. Horses add a dimension to human dynamics that can enable you to experience and reflect upon your own behaviors and group behaviors in a memorable way, accelerating everyone’s learning.

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We are certified through the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A), which trains, certifies, and supports Equine-assisted Learning practitioners.  

Your experiences will be unique when you step into an arena and interact with horses. Some people express hesitancy, some complacency, and others confidence. These become apparent to other participants through your verbal and nonverbal expressions and the reactions of the horses to you.

What you cannot see or sense within the arena is what is going on inside another person – hearing their inner voice or receiving their biofeedback. But horses can, which is why they make excellent co-teachers.

Partnering with horses will help you experience new perspectives that you would not usually see or observe. They are in constant communication with one another, and we will help you learn what they are telling you. If you would like to learn more, please read this article by Janis Cooper and William Hancy titled, Horses Are Listening to Us - Are We?, which was published in the AI Practitioner, August 2018.

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