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Chiron Revelations

Creating New Experiences Through Changed Perspectives

Overview of Chiron Revelations and how it uses horses to help business owners.


Business Management Expertise

for Individuals and Small Businesses

Chiron Revelations exists to solve critical issues facing individuals and small business owners.

We can help you:

  • survive business challenges and disruptions

  • develop productive and competent employees and teams

  • design and implement relevant and meaningful strategies

  • focus on what creates value for you and your business

  • succeed in dealing with change

Building Teams

Discover What Creates Value for You, Your Teams & Your Organization

Skills, knowledge, and abilities don’t always add up to meaningful jobs and work. We know this because many of us have been in jobs we thought we’d enjoy, but instead we found them to be boring and unfulfilling. Building and sustaining high-performance teams includes understanding the dynamics of teams and giving employees work they're passionate about and are skilled at doing. Click below to find out how this can be done in your small business.

ThisWayBella copy.jpg

Building Leaders

Surviving the Challenges of Change

Businesses today function in an ever-changing world of disruption, chaos, and complexity. Many businesses fear change and may choose to fight or ignore it, only to perish in the wake of those who accept and welcome change as opportunities to reinvent and create new possibilities.


Great leaders understand the things they can directly control, things they can influence at least partially, and things that are completely outside of their control. They know how to develop and take concrete actions that are within their control or influence. Click below to learn how you can lead your organization in ways that use change as a competitive advantage.

Change cycle of chaos and stagnation, and leading change and managing complexity

Building Relationships

Living and Leading
as Your Best Self

We often rely on others to help us get things done, to be more productive, and to live meaningful lives. To do this effectively, we need to build relationships, build trust, build high-performance teams, apply sound leadership theories, and be effective communicators.

Let us help you in any of those areas in our Equine-assisted Learning workshops. Horses mirror human behavior. Their actions and reactions to you and others can generate new perspectives and create profound change in how you relate to others and perform with them. Click below to learn how Equine-assisted Learning can help you and your business.

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