Chiron Revelations


Creating New Experiences Through Changed Perspectives



for Individuals and Small Businesses

Chiron Revelations exists to solve critical issues facing individuals and small business owners.

We can help you:

  • develop confident leaders and productive team members

  • design and implement strategies built for resiliency

  • identify what energizes you and creates value for you and your organization

  • lead, manage, and transition through chaos and stagnation

Increasing Energy Intelligence

Discover What Energizes You & Your Organization

Skills, knowledge, and abilities don’t always add up to meaningful jobs and work. We know this because many of us have been in jobs we thought we’d enjoy, but instead we found them to be boring and unfulfilling. To understand why and to learn what types of work energize and fulfill you, please click below.


Reinventing Change

Succeed Today to Thrive Tomorrow

Businesses today exist in an ever-changing world of disruption, chaos, and complexity. Are you keeping pace or are you setting your own pace of change? What if instead of just surviving, you and your organization could be thriving, using change as your competitive advantage?

Change cycle of chaos and stagnation, and leading change and managing complexity

Learning from the Masters

Living and Leading
as Your Best Self

We often rely on others to help us get things done, to be more productive, and to live meaningful lives. But have you ever found yourself getting in your own way and you couldn't figure out why? Let horses help you. Yes, horses. Working among horses can generate new perspectives that create profound change in you and your teams. Learn from the masters how to become a more productive, confident, and effective leader.

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