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Individuals, Teams, and Organizations


Strengthscope® Workshops

Discover What Energizes You

Skills, knowledge, and abilities don’t always add up to meaningful jobs and work. We know this because many of us have been in jobs we thought we’d enjoy, but instead we found them to be boring and unfulfilling. To understand why and to learn what types of work you can draw energy and purpose from, please contact us below.

Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

Grow Through Questions

Learn how you can change your perspectives to reveal new ways of not only what you do, but how you do it and how you can obtain long-term results. These workshops provide tools and concepts that can help you change how you approach problems, improve how you communicate with others, and create new possibilities in your life and the lives of others. For more information, please contact us below.

Equine Experiential Learning

Greater Emotional & Social Literacy

Through the integration of Strengthscope®, Appreciative Inquiry, and equine resources, learn how increasing your self-awareness can help improve relationships, build high-performance teams, and create flourishing organizations. These experiential learning workshops can reveal the effects your thoughts and emotions have on your performance and the performance of others. To learn more about this program, please contact us below.

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