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Building Teams

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You'd expect that people who spend over 1,000 hours a year doing something are doing it because it excites them, gets them up in the morning, and energizes them. But that's usually not the case in our workforce. Most people are in jobs they describe as being boring and uninspiring. We want to change that by helping you build high-performing teams.

We want people to enjoy the work they spend thousands of hours doing. We want them to know why certain jobs appeal to them and why others don't--especially those that they're highly skilled at. Think about how much more productive a business could be if all their employees worked in jobs and roles that excited and energized them every day! 

Energy as a Team's Competitive Advantage

Energy is within us and all around us--life doesn't exist without it. Every situation is made up of energy in motion. How we acquire energy, generate it, harness it, renew it, and share it make all the difference in our attitudes, behaviors, abilities, capabilities, and wellbeing.

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Energy can work for us or against us, and in either case, it’s still energy. We've all experienced situations filled with passion (energizers), as well as experiences that seemed to suck the life out of us (drainers). What if you understood why certain things fill you with energy and why others drain you? Think of how you could used this knowledge in selecting roles, assigning tasks, and filling vacancies to build teams that consistently perform at their best!

All changes you experience, planned or unplanned, involve the full spectrum of energy—both energizers and drainers. Knowing what team members enjoy doing, knowing what they detest doing, and knowing how to optimize both can help you improve their productivity and grow your business. Passion-fueled energy can convert tough, challenging times into opportunities for learning and growth. Also, know that what drains one team member's energy, may energize another member!

Click on the button below to learn how team members' energy can be aligned and channelled  to improve communications, self-confidence, relationships, performance, and productivity.

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