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Who We Are

Being Different to Make a Difference

Chiron Revelations was founded in 2019 and exists to help individuals and small businesses discover and continually rediscover their best selves. The four of us shown in the picture below make up Chiron Revelations.


Our company is named after the Centaur, Chiron (pronounced "Ky' ron"). Chiron was unlike any other Centaur in Greek Mythology. He was not unruly or mischievous like the other Centaurs. Instead, he was schooled in the arts, sciences, and medicines and became known as a healer, astrologer, and teacher. Chiron lived his life through his strengths and his passions.

"Revelations" came about from profound experiential learning results occurring in arenas with horses. Horses sense things we ignore or cannot sense in ourselves and in others. Through observing them and questioning ourselves and each other, learning gets revealed.

We facilitate experiential learning workshops that give people opportunities to reveal their uniqueness and utilize their strengths in individual and team situations. They experience how they function in relation to others, how they respond to change, and how they can recognize and overcome barriers to their success.

To learn more about us, watch the following video and read about our team members below.

Meet Our Team

William Hancy

Chief Reinvention Officer

William Hancy develops and leads workshops, courses, and programs. Integrating his knowledge and experiences in human and equine behavior provide unique solutions for those wanting to generate positive and resilient change.

Head images of William Hancy with Joker in stable


Chief Security Officer

Joker is a rescued miniature horse. He stands at 36” tall and is the youngest of the herd. He is the sentry of the herd. He is always alert and aware of his surroundings, and is curious about everything. His anxious temperament and inquisitiveness often result in a deeper learning of one's self and others. 

Joker grazing in a pasture during fall


Chief Equine Officer

Bella is a rescued miniature horse. She stands at 33” tall and ages between the other two minis. She is very smart and very gentle. She is also cooperative to those who have earned her trust. She loves long, slow walks.



Chief Education Officer

Bruce is a rescued miniature horse. He stands at 32” tall and is the eldest of the herd. He is very shy and timid, and can also be very loud and demanding. He knows a lot more than he’ll ever let on, and yes, he can see fine through his mane.

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